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If you are  still looking for a dog and do not know what breed to choose, read our discription of typical traits and manners of dogs called Chihuahua.

I hope it will help you to choose what you want. I am based on my experience and on knowledge of specialists and so I can say that there is something mistical in  the alliance between a man and Chihua.

Power potential of this dog is able not only to change your life but and to improve your spiritual make – up. Only its look of its big eyes has something mysterious and incomprehensible...

Chihua (shortening) is the smallest dog in the world. They are called pocket dogs very often .According to standard FCI its weight is 500-3 kg. Because of its little weight they are easy to keep them even in small flats. 6.jpg (10970 bytes)Besides this you can take them with you if you travel. You do not have to go for a walk with them every day .You will be able to teach them to defecate in a room on swaddling clothes. They do not spoil furniture if you buy some toys for them.

According to the history of its origin this dog is genetic healthy and hardy. It is able to live 16 years if you look after it well. Chihua adapts itself very quickly to environment. It feels all changes in its environment , it feels all new smells or sounds .It usually begins tremble .But do not worry! It is protective reaction. In some minutes it will adapt itself to them and become quiet. Dog of this species has wonderful instinct and keen ear that can help  your orientate yourself. It barks not very often.You can teach Chihua to bark in special situations when you need it. It is not cowardly and will be  to protect  you even if  a bigger dog on your way. It will be better if your dog will have a long dog’s lead.

This dog is  very proud, it has a self- respect. It has its own individuality. It is usually independent. Chihua is a very devoted animal,  but sometimes it is very jealous. Be always careful not to injure it. Don’t take this dog into your hands, don’t make  it do something they don’t like.

5.jpg (17532 bytes)The dog needs its own place in your flat. If it sleeps don’t worry it. You can teach your children to be careful, kind if they look after Chihua. They like to play with kids but they don’t like noisy plays. Don’t make them do it.

You can buy Chihua if your child is 9 years old. Don’t punish Chihua beating it. It will be able to understand that you are angry with it even if you  only raise your voice.7.jpg (27487 bytes)

This dog can understand just demands. They are usually jolly , quiet and easy to get on with. They get on with other dogs. One example: in our house a cat lives, it has loved Chihua very much, it is always with the dog, it behaves like its mother. We enjoy looking at them. Love, care and just training are keys to the heart of this wonderful creature.

If you will understand it you will understand each other very well. This unigue creature will show you all its talents, because of its love to you. You will be happy to have it. Chihua always obey its trainer. They are easy to train. You can teach this dog all demands. Be only kind and tolerant and you’ll make progress .My dogs can do such training detachments as ‘ Sit’, Lie’, ‘Voice’.

If you are observant you will be able to find out some hidden abilities in your dog. One my Chihua has a swelled head can do ‘Guard’ or ‘Protect ‘.I usually put some thing near it and say ‘Guard  .If someone wants to take it the dog starts to growl .And if someone comes up tome the dog throws itself to help me like a sheep-dog. Its very funny to look at the dog when such a little creature carries my slippers. An other my dog  can sing, dance, and make a curtsey .And these talents are not the only ones .I love my dogs very much and I am very proud of my pets (Chihua) and I wish you to be happy to heve and love them. Somebody noticed that it is the most mysterious breed because it has a little fontanel on its head that doesn’t have any functual importance. This interesting dog Chihuahua will always surprise you with its clever behaving every day. And who knows what else it can do...? Finally I would like to add, that thereis such choice of colours, sizes and types of hair only in this breed.

                                                                                          Good luck in your choosing !

                                                                                                         In all sincerity, Natalie.