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The name of this dog, one of the smallest dogs--ofancient civilizations, is connected with its native country Mexico. ‘Chihua’ is a large state  it is also a mountain and it is a town in the North-West of the country .On the maps and in ensiclopedias this town is called ‘Chihua’. The full name of this dog ‘Chihuahua’ .In Russia this dog is known as’Chihua’ .Its name the dog became after an American  archaeologist found the picture of these dogs in 1850, cut on the stone in the palace of the ruler Montesum. There are some versions about the origin of this breed .One of these versions says that these dogs are the offsprings of people called tolstekis settled in Mexico about 11000 years old ago. Those ancient dogs were called ‘techichi. Those were small, long-haired with heavy skeleton. Tolstekis were forced out by called atsteci in 14th century  , and U’techichi’ became the favourite pets of them .In 1519 after the victory konkiskadors in Mexico the empire of atstekis was defeated .4.JPG (13652 bytes)And the dogs had to dig holes and climb trees and hide from wild animals .Although they had lived in the palaces before they were able to survive showing their staying power .Other Indian tribes knew these dogs , too. Mummies of the dogs were found in the tombs. On the walls of the tombs  and temples, on cly vessels and on other things you can see their pictures . The Indian sacrificed their dogs and  buried them together  with their masters. They thought the dogs took all sins of the masters and saved them from gods, accompanied their so and helped it to stand the hell and find their last shelter. But the status of an independent breed this dog became  because of the USA. In 1884 during the dog show in Filadelphia for the first time the bitch called Midgit was officially presented and in 1904 it was a breed register. Just  there ‘Chihua’  was raised. In the middle of the 20th century their triumphal way to all countries of the world began. In our country  the first ‘Chihua’appeared in 1959. Those were 2 long- haired  puppies- a bitch  and a male-dog, presented to the family of Khrutchov. And in 1960 two more ‘Chihua’were brought from Algeria , in 1970 from England  and Mexico these dogs began this breed in Russia. In March 1996 in Moskow the National Club of the breed was organised. It has been since  that time to the present. Nowadays ‘Chihua’ is one of the most popular dogs in our country. A lot of these dogs were last brought into our country from the USA, France, Italy, Czech by enthusiasts of the breed. Russian dogs ‘Chihua’ are able to take part in the competitions ,dog shows not only in Russia but abroad, too.